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    Need a garage to park your car out of the elements? We have the garage that will fit the demands on your list. Whether it’s just more room to store your things or a nice place to have your workbench. From our two-story gable to our single-car and modular units, all are built to last! Let us build your garage for you and help add value to your home and property. Our Basic Garages can be built in various sizes with vinyl or wood panel siding, assorted colors and featuring any of our many options.

    Built On Site


    • Shown: 24×38
    • Shingles: Pewter Gray
    • Siding: Custom blue vinyl siding
    • White Trim / Red Doors
    • Options: 2 6-ft Dormers, 8-12 Attic Truss, Custom Red O/H Doors



    • Shown: 24×24
    • Shingles: Weatherwood
    • Siding: Clay LP Smart Panel
    • Navajo Trim / Red Shutters

    Single Bay


    • Shown: 12×20
    • Shingles: Weatherwood
    • Siding: Sand Vinyl Siding
    • Beige Trim / Red Shutters
    • Options: Heritage Garage Door, Gable Vents



    • Shown: 14×24
    • Shingles: Weatherwood
    • Siding: Red LP Smart Panel
    • Beige Trim / Gray Shutters
    • Options: Cupola and Weathervane, Heritage Garage Door, Gable Vents

    Design Your Shed

    1: Choose the size you need.

    2: Select the style you prefer.

    3: Choose your preferred siding material: Vinyl or Wood (Smart Panel or Duratemp).

    4: Choose the color for your siding.

    5: Hover over the tag "Click here to get started now!" to add shed options as you scroll down the page.

    Shed Options

    Other Options Available

    • Pressure Treated FLoors
    • Higher Walls
    • Additional Doors
    • Custom Size Doors
    • Dutch Doors
    • Overhead Garage Doors
    • Additional Windows
    • Picture Windows
    • Ridge Vents
    • Weathervanes
    • Interior Partitions
    • Workbenches
    • Custom Colors
    • Stone Front Options
    • Shed Dormers

    Vinyl Siding Colors

    Wood Siding Colors

    5: Choose the trim color:

    Vinyl Trim Colors

    Wood Trim Colors

    6: Choose the shutter color:

    Shutter Colors

    7: Choose the roof color:

    Architectural Shingle Colors

    Metal Roof Colors

    8: Choose the stacked stone front color:

    Stacked Stone Fronts Colors